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Healing Is Within Reach

Meet Maurice L. Mitchell

Your Healing Depends on Your Willingness to be honest

The Great Endurance is a powerful true story about an eight-year-old boy who is robbed of his virginity, his innocence, and the priceless treasure that protected it. He continues to search for the truth of who he is. Hope is needed to help him cope through the hardships that follows the abuse he faces. Instead of hope, he is greeted with deep-despair, guilt, depression, anxiety, and fear on a daily basis until suicide behests the ending of his life. 

Muddy Shoes

Sometimes the greatest treasures in life are buried beneath things that could potentially hurt us and cause significant pain.

“This book personally blessed me and allowed me to see through the lens of a man who could've been characterized as a victim but with his strong faith in God, became the VICTOR!”

- Darius L. Culver

“I was blown out of the water by the quality writing and richly detailed storytelling... by far, one of the BEST reads in the last decade. Simply moving.”

- Dr. Lincoln Gibbs

“I am in awe of the author's courage to tell his story... I Pray this book helps many others who have lived this horror.”

- Julie Sheerwood

My Children's Books

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