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The Great Endurance

The Great Endurance is a powerful true story about an eight-year-old boy who is robbed of his virginity, his innocence, and the priceless treasure that protected it. He continues to search for the truth of who he is. Hope is needed to help him cope through the hardships that follows the abuse he faces. Instead of hope, he is greeted with deep-despair, guilt, depression, anxiety, and fear on a daily basis until suicide behests the ending of his life.


Unfortunately, family and friends cannot hear the silent cries of his heart, and unknowingly, he slowly begins to fade away. Who will save him from the thief who marked his territory and left behind seeds of torment and shame? The paths that he chooses along his journey leads to many dead-ends. Yet, no matter what he faces, he presses through it all with strength and integrity because he truly believes that everything will be alright.


Having to fight off a sexual addiction can be compared to an attempt at overcoming any other hardcore addiction, i.e., drugs or alcohol. The struggles are realistic and the challenges of life become too overwhelming. Endurance is the key to survival. How will the young boy manage to make it through the disturbing-chaos that follows him into his adulthood?


This book was not written to personally expose anyone. It was written to prove there are secrets and hidden truths that exists within all of us. What it takes to be victorious over our past and life’s circumstances lives within us all. We have what it takes to win! It is our personal perspectives of life itself that enables us to strive and successfully embrace the lasting benefits of The Great Endurance.

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